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Motor Vehicle Accidents Archives

Pedestrians involved in motor vehicle accidents may not make it

Most of Florida's pedestrians know the risks of crossing busy streets even if they are at an intersection. However, many tend to discount that any danger exists as long as they are on sidewalks, at bus stops or otherwise not in the street. Unfortunately, many motor vehicle accidents end up involving pedestrians who thought they were standing or walking in a safe place.

Defective parts cause numerous motor vehicle accidents

Everyone knows that automobiles are made up of numerous parts. Auto manufacturers make some, but others come from third party vendors. When you purchased your vehicle, you surely expected that every part worked properly and that it was safe. You might have found out the hard way that some parts can be defective, a problem which leads to numerous motor vehicle accidents each year.

Many motor vehicle accidents happen in early morning on weekends

The weekends are a time for Florida residents to kick back, relax and enjoy time with friends and family. In many cases, people are on the state's roadways in the early morning hours after a night of fun. This means that a potential exists for motor vehicle accidents when people are tired, impaired or otherwise not at their best as they drive.

Suspected drunk driver arrested re 2 motor vehicle accidents

Five Florida students and a pregnant woman had no idea what was headed their way. On a recent Thursday evening, they encountered a man described by officials as a "highly" drunk driver. He was later arrested for causing two motor vehicle accidents. The driver -- who didn't even stop -- first plowed over five school-aged children. He and his vehicle were located some distance away after it had also struck the car occupied by the pregnant woman.

Changing traffic patterns and motor vehicle accidents

Traffic patterns change all the time. Vehicles can be moving along smoothly on Florida's highways one minute, and the next they come to a dead stop. If drivers fail to remain vigilant and keep with the flow of traffic, motor vehicle accidents could be the result.

Even road shoulders aren't safe from motor vehicle accidents

Numerous Florida residents use the shoulders of the state's highways and turnpikes to pull out of traffic. Whether a vehicle breaks down or one of its occupants requires the stop, people often assume that the shoulder is a safe place to be since it does not lie directly in the lane of travel. Unfortunately, many motor vehicle accidents occur in this area, and lives are lost.

Motor vehicle accidents aren't on vacation intineraries

After planning, packing and preparing, the last thing anyone wants is for a vacation to be ruined by a car crash. Sadly, far too many vacations end in motor vehicle accidents. Undoubtedly, a stay in the hospital with serious injuries was not on the itinerary.

Motor vehicle accidents involving children seem to expand grief

When it comes to children, Florida communities tend to mourn their loss a little more. To see a young life ended before it even has a chance to begin seems to make the grieving process worse. When those deaths occur suddenly such as in motor vehicle accidents, shock adds to the loss.

Chain reaction motor vehicle accidents challenge investigators

Florida's interstates and highways always seem to be packed, especially during the daylight hours. The sheer number of vehicles on these roadways during many motor vehicle accidents makes it astonishing that the media does not report more pileups. Fortunately, chain reaction crashes do not seem to happen as often as two-vehicle accidents. Unfortunately, this makes them a challenge for investigators due to the large number of vehicles and victims involved.

Drivers need to stay aware to avoid motor vehicle accidents

Even driving on one of Florida's interstates does not guarantee that drivers will not have to stop or significantly slow down, depending on the traffic. In order to avoid motor vehicle accidents, drivers need to stay aware of the traffic patterns and the appearance of any obstacles. When they fail to remain diligent, serious injuries and/or deaths could occur.

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