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Will Florida man's family seek workers' compensation benefits?

Every occupation comes with its own set of risks regardless of whether done here in Florida or elsewhere in the country. Even knowing those risks and taking safety precautions does not always prevent fatal accidents from happening. Regardless, losing a loved one due to a work accident is devastating under any circumstances. The sudden financial losses that come with it are unexpected and can cause significant strain for a family. In many of these circumstances, surviving family members are entitled to benefits from Florida's workers' compensation system.

Families may seek more than just workers' compensation benefits

Losing a loved one due to an on-the-job accident is difficult enough, but when a family loses an income that they counted on and has to pay for funeral and burial expenses as well, the financial toll can make the loss even more of a burden to bear. Florida's workers' compensation system may provide death benefits to eligible surviving family members that could help with those financial burdens. Obtaining those benefits could be problematic without the right help.

Workers' compensation issues: Heat-related illnesses

It may only be May, but higher temperatures are on the way here in Florida. This means that outdoor workers are at risk of heat-related illnesses that could cause serious injury or death. Even though workers' compensation benefits are available to those who fall ill, they would probably prefer not to become ill at all.

Adding insult to injury: The workers' compensation process

Nearly every industry in Florida has its share of hazards that must be navigated while at work. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration, along with the state, require your employer to take reasonable measures to keep you safe from workplace hazards. Even if your employer goes above and beyond those minimal measures, accidents still happen. If you suffered a serious injury while on the job, you will face navigating the workers' compensation system.

Workers' compensation benefits and construction accidents

It seems as though construction is always being done somewhere in Florida's largest cities. Construction workers always face hazards both in and out of their control as they work. When construction accidents happen, those injured while working are typically able to access workers' compensation benefits. Should a workplace fatality occur, a victim's surviving family members may be entitled to death benefits.

Make the workers' compensation system work for you

Every day, Florida residents go to work knowing that they could be injured. Employers are required to adhere to certain safety protocols, and many do, but not all potential hazards can be completely eliminated. Accidents still happen, and that is why the workers' compensation system exists.

Is your workers' compensation claim not being taken seriously?

Most Florida employers do what they can to provide their employees with a safe work environment. Even so, accidents happen, and people often suffer injuries as a result. You may be entitled to workers' compensation benefits, and if your request for them is not being taken seriously or is denied, you should seek help right away.

Workers' compensation could provide death benefits to family

Most Florida residents who work do so in order to provide for their families. If they should die due to on-the-job accidents, their families may be left without sources of income and incur significant expenses associated with their losses. Florida's workers' compensation system could provide death benefits to these families to help with the financial impact of the losses of their loved ones.

Workers' compensation applies to victims' families in a fatality

Construction workers here in Florida and elsewhere are often required to spend at least some portion of their workdays out in the elements. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requires employers to account for potential weather-related injuries. When a worker dies on the job due to adverse weather conditions, the victim's family is typically entitled to workers' compensation benefits.

Beyond workers' compensation benefits

Florida workers who have been injured at work suffer from more than their physical wounds. There are fears of how both the medical and household bills will be paid during recovery. Workers' compensation benefits might be available to help, but in some cases, the injuries were the cause of someone other than a fellow worker or the employer.

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