Florida semi truck accident kills child on his way to school

Post on behalf of Thomas J. Ueberschaer PA on Friday February 14, 2014

Going to school is something that most 6-year-old children look forward to. They like to see their friends. Most of them like to learn. Sadly, one 6-year-old boy left home on his bicycle to go to school, but never made it. While on his way to school with his brother, he was run over by a semi truck.

The truck accident happened as the brothers were walking their bicycles across the street on the way to Meadow Woods Elementary School. The driver of a semi truck, who has three prior minor driving offenses on his record, failed to yield. He said he didn’t see the child. The boy was stuck by the semi truck, which had a flatbed with a load of lumber, and he was dragged beneath it. The boy’s mother and brother, who is in the fifth grade, were trying to do CPR on him before the Florida Highway Patrol troopers arrived. The child was taken to Nemours Children’s Hospital where he died.

Charges against the 47-year-old trucker are pending, but the exact charge is yet to be determined. The investigation is still ongoing.

The mother of the child who was hit by the semi truck lived close to where the accident occurred. She was so close that she was able to try to help her child. One can only imagine the pain she is going through after this horrific event. In time, she might realize that she is facing a financial burden because of this tragedy and decide that seeking compensation for her loss is necessary. If she chooses to do this, seeking the assistance of a Florida personal injury attorney might help her to understand the process and her rights.

Source: News 13, “Semi hits, kills 6-year-old boy riding bike to school in Orlando” Caroline Rowland, Feb. 05, 2014

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