Florida flooding may lead to several problems in the area

Post on behalf of Thomas J. Ueberschaer PA on Saturday May 17, 2014

The recent flooding in the Florida panhandle has led to a really messy situation. In some of the worst hit areas, boats had to be used to get residents out of the flooded areas. The water was so high that the National Guard had to send in high-wheeled vehicles to help with the evacuations.

People were hiding in attics in an effort to stay above the rapidly rising waters. County officials found it impossible to navigate the cities in an effort to gauge the damages. Rescues of citizens took time and resources.

Reports of semi-trucks stuck along Interstate 10 and other cars stranded on the roadways have been made. As the waters start to recede and people start to get back out, getting these vehicles moved to safe locations will be necessary since they might impede the normal flow of traffic if they remain on the roadways without moving.

Now that the storms have passed, getting the area back to normal is the first order of business. By some estimates, approximately 23,700 people were without electricity in Escambia County alone. With that lack of power along with the flooding, getting things cleaned up will likely be difficult for some. Despite the difficulties, businesses will still have to get prepared to reopen.

As businesses start to reopen, it is vital that they make sure their property is safe for customers. Failing to do so can lead to injuries to the customer, which can greatly affect the health of the customers. Any customers who are hurt because of an unsafe environment, such as a customer who suffers a slip-and-fall injury, might opt to seek compensation for their injuries.

Source: Pensacola News Journal, “Nearly 25,000 without power, roads closed” No author given, Apr. 30, 2014

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