Florida High School bus in car accident, bus driver killed

Post on behalf of Thomas J. Ueberschaer PA on Friday May 2, 2014

There isn’t ever any good excuse for driving drunk. When people make the choice to drive while intoxicated, serious accidents can occur due to the delayed reaction time and diminished mental capacity associated with consuming alcohol. When the dark conditions of the night are added into the equation, these accidents can happen very easily. One recent accident involving a drunk driver and a school bus shows just how horrible drunk driving crashes can be.

The car accident occurred at around 2:25 on a Friday morning. A school bus carrying 33 members of the track and field team from Florida High School was returning home after a meet. The driver of a 2009 Toyota Camry slammed into the bus as the bus was approaching the intersection of Apalachee Parkway and Conner Boulevard in Tallahassee.

The bus driver died after the crash, according to a spokesperson from the Leon County Sheriff’s Office. Additionally, two coaches and two students were taken to the hospital with injuries that weren’t life threatening, according to a statement on the Florida High School website. The statement also said that counseling would be made available to students or staff who need it.

The alleged drunk driver, a 25-year-old woman, is being held at the Leon County Jail on two charges, including driving under the influence. The fatal accident is still under investigation.

Such cases are not taken lightly by law enforcement, and when a drunk driving accident occurs, the drunk driver will face criminal charges. Additionally, those who are injured in the accident or the family members of those who are killed in the accident might be able to pursue legal claims against the driver.

Source: WTXLTV, “UPDATE: Florida High school bus driver killed in crash; second driver charged with DUI” Greg Angel, Apr. 18, 2014

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