Driver charged after leaving scene of bike wreck with injuries

Post on behalf of Thomas J. Ueberschaer PA on Friday June 6, 2014

Being involved in an accident can be a scary experience for any driver, but leaving the scene of an accident, especially one with injuries, is never acceptable. In a recent Florida accident, a woman driving an SUV cut in front of a couple on a motorcycle, which caused a serious accident when the motorcycle hit the SUV. The couple on the motorcycle were gravely injured, but the SUV driver did the unthinkable and just left them there after the bike wreck.

The man who was driving the motorcycle ended up with a broken leg. His wife, who was on the back of the motorcycle, was thrown to the ground. The man says he begged the driver of the SUV to help his wife, but the woman just looked at him. Instead of helping, she fled the scene. He couldn’t get to his wife because he couldn’t stand on his leg, which was snapped in two.

A follow-up report made by says that the woman’s gold Lexus SUV was found under a tarp in the backyard of a home approximately two miles from her home. She was charged with leaving the scene of a crash with serious injuries. She was also charged with driving while license suspended or revoked with serious injuries.

The couple on the motorcycle face a long road to recovery of around six weeks. Both of the the victims have been released from the hospital. This couple likely face considerable medical bills, as well as a potential loss of income. Since the driver of the SUV has been identified, the injured victims have the right to seek compensation for damages relating to their injuries.

Source:, “Driver leaves injured couple in street after crash” Charles Billi, May. 21, 2014

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