Fatal accident on Florida waterway kills 1 man

Post on behalf of Thomas J. Ueberschaer PA on Friday July 25, 2014

Vacationers come to Florida to enjoy the beautiful waterways and the lovely weather. These travelers likely expect that they will come to the state to enjoy their fun while forgetting about the responsibilities they left behind at home. While that is what happens for most vacationers, there are some who are involved in accidents during their vacation. For one vacationer, a trip out on the water was his final adventure.

While the details are still bit sketchy because the investigation is still ongoing, it is known that a crash between a personal watercraft and a commercial boat claimed the life of a 25-year-old man. The commercial boat was on the waterway selling live bait when a number of personal watercraft were coming in the westward toward the eastward commercial vessel. That is when the personal watercraft and the commercial boat collided.

The driver and a passenger who was thrown overboard from the commercial vessel didn’t need medical treatment at the hospital. The driver of the personal watercraft suffered from severe head injuries in the fatal accident. He succumbed to those injuries.

A day of fun on the water turned deadly for this man. When the cause of this accident is determined, the family might be able to have a little closure.

Operating personal watercraft near commercial boats is common, but that doesn’t mean that captains should become complacent in their operation of the vessels. Failing to remain vigilant can lead to tragedies like this one. Anyone who has had a loved one killed in a boating accident might want to hold the at-fault person responsible. One way to do this is to seek compensation. Knowing the process for filing these wrongful death claims might help the decedent’s family members decide their plan of action.

Source: KATV, “Little Rock man dies in watercraft accident in Florida” Chris Scott, Jul. 25, 2014

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