Roller coaster accident in Florida on vertical drop

Post on behalf of Thomas J. Ueberschaer PA on Wednesday July 16, 2014

Going to Universal Studios is something that many people equate with a good time. People go there to ride on rides, laugh and have fun. Some of the rides the park offers are thrill rides, which are rides that have marked risks associated with them. Before opening rides to the public, the operators have a duty to make sure that the rides are in good repair. They have a duty to make sure that nothing is going to happen to cause the riders injury. Right on the heels of the story out of California dealing with the tree falling on the roller coaster track and injuring some riders after the coaster derailed comes a story out of Florida about the Rip Ride Rockit coaster. A technical problem led to the ride having to be stopped on a lift. The first lift, which is almost vertical, is where the riders were stopped.

Representatives of the amusement park say that no riders were injured. They say that the riders were quickly taken down from the steep drop. Had riders not been wearing a full body safety harness, which is part of the ride’s normal gear, this could have turned into a real tragedy just because of unsafe conditions caused by a technical problem. According to a report in The Inquisitr, there are more roller coaster deaths each year than there are shark attack deaths. This leaves a lot of room for people to be skeptical about these thrill rides. Anyone who has been injured on a roller coaster, even if the injury doesn’t show up immediately, might opt to seek compensation for those injuries.

Source: The Inquisitr, “Florida Roller Coaster Accident On Universal Studios’ Rip Ride Rockit Strands Rider Vertically,” Patrick Frye, July 9, 2014

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