Car Accidents cases involving GM recalls

Post on behalf of Thomas J. Ueberschaer PA on Wednesday August 20, 2014

Car Accidents involving GM vehicles are now subject to additional scrutiny in light of the long list of recalls GM has been forced to issue in 2014.  During the last six months, GM has issued a long list of car and truck recalls for ignition switch problems.  For those who have been involved in a single vehicle crach or crash that involves a loss of control involving any of the recalled GM vehicles, special attention must be given to determining whether an ignition failure contributed to the accident.

Another related issue consumers should watch for is the possible failure of GM electronic power sterring systems.  Recent news regarding the failure of GM and its executives to notify the public about a dangerous condition, as well as their failure to timely remedy the danger has exposed GM to significant liability for injuries or deaths reulting therefrom.

Car accidents often involve parties with limited or no insurance coverage to compensate the victims.  As part of the investigative process in dealing with any car accident claim, potential product liability issues such as those involving GM ignition failures must always be considered.  Other similar product liability issues include but are not limited to brake, airbag or seat belt recalls or failures.

Attached below is a current list of GM ignition failure recalls that every owner of a GM car or truck should review immediately to avoid a potential catastrophe.  If you have further questions about the safety of these vehicles, contact the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).

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