Successful Social Security Disability(SSDI) and (SSI) claims

Post on behalf of Thomas J. Ueberschaer PA on Wednesday August 20, 2014

Far too often, disabled folks file Social Security Disability (SSDI os SSI) claims, receive an initial denial, and fail to exhaust their appeals in the time allowed under the federal regulations.  Unfortunately, once the time has passed to appeal, there is seldom anything a disability lawyer can do to revive the claim.  This would necessitate the claimant to once again file a SSDI and/or an SSI claim from the beginning.  Here are a few guidelines to follow in order to give a disbility claimant the best chance for success:

* Contact a qualified social security disability lawyer the same day that you receive any denial notice on a pending claim.

* Seek out medical treatment for your disabling conditions.  Although most, if not all, disability claimants have little or no health insurance coverage, most areas have low cost to free medical facilities or charitable organizations that will help a claimant obtain some medical treatment.

*Seek out medical treatment for ALL of your disabling conditions, including any depression, anxiety, bipolar, etc.

* If you have had any alcohol or substance abuse issues in the past, you must remain abstinent from all non-prescribed substances.  The Social Security regulations are very clear that if an Administrative Law Judge finds that any misuse of substances is material to disability, then he/she must find the SSDI or SSI claimant NOT disabled.

* If you have any questions regarding the Social Security Disablity process, call a qualified local attorney at once, so as to not make any errors that would cause any delay on your claim.

* Your doctors are the lynch pin to disability benefits, so make sure you are compliant with all treatment recommendations and see your doctors as often as you are able.

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