Wrong way driver kills motorcycle rider in Florida

Post on behalf of Thomas J. Ueberschaer PA on Friday August 1, 2014

It is so important that all drivers on the roadways have respect for other motorists. Following the proper flow of traffic is one way for drivers to ensure that the roads remain safe for all. A driver who was driving against the normal flow of traffic on Interstate 95 in Florida caused an accident that killed a motorcycle rider.

The female driver was driving her Acura northbound in the southbound lanes of the interstate when she sideswiped a motorcycle rider. The man on the motorcycle was thrown from the motorcycle. He ended up going through the back windshield of the Acura and came to rest in the back seat of the wrecked vehicle.

Calls to emergency services reveal a horrible situation at the crash site. The female driver of the Acura was able to walk away from the accident with only minor injuries. The motorcycle rider, who was pinned in the back seat of the car, had to be removed from the vehicle. He was pronounced dead on the scene of the motorcycle accident.

This fatal accident necessitated the closure of the interstate for several hours while the motorcycle accident was investigated. For the family of the motorcycle rider, those hours are just the start of their new life that won’t involve seeing the man alive again.

Wrong way drivers pose a serious hazard for those who are on the roadway and one simple mistake like this can be profoundly devastating for families who lose a loved one, consequently. When a person is injured or is killed by a wrong way driver, it is possible to seek compensation. Awards for compensation can help to cover the accident’s expenses.

Source: CBS Miami, “911 Callers Describe Deadly Wrong-Way I-95 Motorcycle Crash” Jul. 24, 2014

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