How can Florida retailers protect shoppers this holiday season?

Post on behalf of Thomas J. Ueberschaer PA on Friday November 28, 2014

Holiday shopping is upon us. From Black Friday until the after-Christmas sales are over, shoppers will go in droves to the stores to buy holiday decorations, food, gifts, and other items. As shoppers in Florida go about their holiday shopping, it is vital that store owners and retailers take the steps necessary to keep shoppers and workers safe. One of the ways they have to ensure safety is by controlling crowds.

Why is crowd control necessary?

When you think about Black Friday and holiday shopping, you probably think about great deals on items. You might think of huge discounts on televisions, low prices on computers, and amazing deals on toys. All of those good prices can save you a lot of money and enable you to get your loved ones nice gifts. You aren’t the only one who is thinking that way. Other shoppers will come to the store for those deals. That can lead to huge crowds. When the crowds start to try to get the deals, people might get trampled, pushed, shoved, or kicked. That can result in injuries.

How can retailers control crowds?

Retailers can use barricades, proper preparations, Internet lotteries, and other methods to keep crowds controlled. They can also use uniformed security guards or police officers to help keep the crowds controlled. Keeping enough stock on hand for the high-demand items can also help.

Anyone who is injured in a holiday shopping incident can seek compensation from the retailer for any injuries received. Knowing the process for making claims for damages and learning how to prove the retailer was negligent might help you as you work to move your case through the civil court system.

Source: Occupational Safety & Health Administration, “Crowd Management Safety Guidelines for Retailers” Nov. 26, 2014

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