Motorcycle fatalities dropping, good news for Florida bikers?

Post on behalf of Thomas J. Ueberschaer PA on Tuesday November 4, 2014

Anytime the media talks about a reduction in motor vehicle accidents is cause for celebration, but this news seems especially good for the most vulnerable motorists on Florida roadways: motorcycle operators. These glad tidings come by way of the Governors Highway Safety Association, which has completed its newest analysis of preliminary data from all across the nation.

The Association says that motorcycle accident fatalities dropped by 7 percent over 2013, only the second reduction since 1997. The preliminary data supplied by all of the United States suggests that the first nine months of 2013 enjoyed this reduced death rate as compared to the same time period in 2012. Further, the projections regarding the entirety of 2013 show the 7 percent decrease will likely apply to the entire year, according to Jim Hedlund, a former official with the country’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Despite this, the report indicates motorcycle safety is still a prominent issue and is not truly improving. The report offers data that suggests cooler, wetter weather in 2013 was a major factor in the fatality reduction. In other words, less people were out riding their motorcycles during that time.

It remains to be seen whether the Association’s projections will play out as planned. In the meantime, continued due diligence in practicing safety is essential to reducing accidental motorcycle injuries and deaths for those who prefer bikes to other modes of transportation. Should a tragedy occur despite best practices while driving a motorcycle, it’s important to seek out a legal advocate who can help secure compensation from the at-fault party. By working together, the nation can turn this semi-good news into solid good news.

Source: USA Today: Drive On Blog, “Safety group: Motorcycle deaths dropped in 2013” Nov. 03, 2014

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