Fatal accident in Florida sauna haunts victim’s widow

Post on behalf of Thomas J. Ueberschaer PA on Friday January 23, 2015

A sauna is an amazing way for some people to relax. For people who live in some condominiums in Florida, the saunas that are available for use are a regular part of life. Recently, however, one man’s trip to the sauna was the start of a deadly chain of events.

The tragedy occurred when a 68-year-old man left a note for his family saying that he was heading to the sauna. That man never came back home, which prompted his family members to go looking for him. His daughter reportedly was the one who went to look for him. She says that she looked into the sauna and saw a black man. She then closed the door. After that, she saw her father’s clothes hanging up.

The man was cooked to death in the sauna. His body was charred. HIs wife of half a century reports that she saw his charred remains. She said that his skin was on the floor and bench. She notes that the scene she saw in that sauna haunt her.

The question now is how the man was killed. Allegedly, the sauna had a faulty timer that wasn’t detected. It is alleged that the condominium failed to check on the sauna’s safety. For his family, that reality has to be difficult. The mere thought that their loved one passed away because of something that should have been caught during a routine check of the sauna’s safety is probably devastating.

The family’s attorney says that the man probably died when he became overheated and suffered from asphyxiation. The family is filing a wrongful death lawsuit because of their loved one’s death.

Source: Opposing Views, “Florida Man Cooked To Death In Sauna” Emily Smith, Jan. 22, 2015

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