Seemingly minor accident injuries can have major consequences

Post on behalf of Thomas J. Ueberschaer PA on Friday May 27, 2016

When people think about getting injured in a car accident, they often think of one of two scenarios: either a person is catastrophically injured or the person walks away with no injuries. However, the injuries suffered in a crash will typically fall somewhere between these two extremes.

For instance, you might not have massive bleeding or head trauma, but you may have a concussion; you might not have broken bones or need an amputation, but you could experience nerve damage; you may not be paralyzed, but it is possible you have suffered neck and back injuries. In situations when your injuries (or the extent of your injuries) are not immediately clear, it can be wise to be proactive in assessing your medical and legal options.

In these situations, you may not be inclined to seek immediate medical help. You don’t need an ambulance and you can feel fine just going home. However, it is crucial that you not ignore your health.

Consulting a medical professional right away can be important for many reasons. First, it can help to confirm minor injuries and create a treatment plan to expedite your recovery. Second, it can identify or hopefully rule out certain injuries like a concussion that can be devastating if undiagnosed. Finally, it can give doctors an idea of your immediate condition, making it easier to spot changes later on.

It is also important to note the other types of damages you can experience after a crash. These can include medical bills, emotional distress and lost wages if you need to take time away from work.

With all this in mind, speaking with an attorney can also be a wise decision after a crash. You may very well have grounds to pursue a personal injury claim against the negligent or reckless party responsible for your injuries. Taking legal action can allow you to pursue compensation for the physical, mental and financial damages you have and will continue to suffer as a result of an accident.

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