Driver’s actions lead to several motor vehicle accidents at once

Post on behalf of Thomas J. Ueberschaer PA on Tuesday June 28, 2016

In Florida and elsewhere, some motor vehicle accidents cause other vehicles to crash as they attempt to avoid the initial incident or become an unwitting participant in it. Ultimately, numerous vehicles can be involved as several small motor vehicle accidents create a chain reaction. The injuries caused during these wrecks can vary from minor to fatal.

A chain reaction accident recently occurred on Interstate 4 in Central Florida. Preliminary reports from the Florida Highway Patrol indicate that an eastbound pickup truck is suspected of traveling at excessive speed. The driver somehow lost control of the pickup, and it went careening into the westbound lanes of the interstate.

The pickup crashed into several vehicles before it came to a rest. Its driver and passenger were both ejected during the crash and died as a result. A van and cement truck also collided. The van driver suffered fatal injuries.

A child in another vehicle involved in the chaos also died. No information was provided regarding the injuries suffered by the survivors of this tragedy. It took some time for the wreckage and debris to be cleared from the highway.

The seriously injured and the families of the deceased victims retain the right to file personal injury and wrongful death claims, as applicable. It could take time for the victims of these motor vehicle accidents to determine any additional parties that might bear some responsibility. After that, it will be necessary to establish before a civil court that the injuries suffered — fatal or otherwise — were due to the negligence of one or more parties, including the deceased driver of the pickup truck that started it all. Successfully doing so could result in awards of damages to help with the financial losses suffered by the victims and their families.

Source: NBC Miami, “Early Morning 7-Car Crash Kills Four, Including Young Child, Closes Interstate“, June 21, 2016

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