Personal injury claims encompass more than car accidents

Post on behalf of Thomas J. Ueberschaer PA on Thursday June 23, 2016

Florida residents are often the victims of numerous types of accidents due to the negligence of another person or persons. People are injured in many ways and under a variety of circumstances other than just in car accidents. In fact, car crashes involve just one area of personal injury law.

This time of year, especially, many claims are filed in the aftermath of recreational activities on the water such as sailing and boating accidents. You may also spend time at a friend’s house using their swimming pool to get away from the heat. Being injured due to some sort of negligence while on someone’s boat or on someone’s property might entitle you to file a personal injury claim. Other claims include medical malpractice (doctor, hospital or nursing errors) and product liability (defective food, drugs and other products).

Even workers who are injured on-the-job could be entitled to file a personal injury claim. In some cases, the negligence of a third party (someone other than the employer or co-worker) or a defective tool (product liability) could have led to your injury. Sadly, it might also be possible that your employer is directly responsible for your injury due to a blatant disregard for your safety.  Under these types of circumstances, workers’ compensation might not be the only legal remedy available.

No one should dismiss the thought that a personal injury claim may be appropriate in connection with a Florida accident that results in serious injuries. If you believe that your injuries were caused by someone else’s negligent actions, you have every right to contact an attorney. A review of the circumstances could reveal that you are entitled to take legal action against the party or parties believed responsible.

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