Many motor vehicle accidents occur when stop signs are ignored

Post on behalf of Thomas J. Ueberschaer PA on Thursday September 22, 2016

Here in Florida and throughout the country, stop signs and traffic lights are designed to regulate the flow of traffic through an intersection. When drivers fail to obey them, motor vehicle accidents can happen. In some cases, those crashes leave the occupants of the vehicles involved seriously or fatally injured.

Five people from a northern state traveled in the same vehicle to Florida for a softball tournament. After entering the northern part of the state, the group headed west. At around midnight, they approached the same intersection as a southbound pickup truck.

The driver of the pickup ignored the stop sign and plowed into the other vehicle. Two of the Ohio softball group died as a result of the injuries they suffered in the impact. The driver and two other passengers survived, but at last report remained hospitalized in critical condition. The pickup truck driver and a passenger, both from Panama City, were injured and were reportedly in serious condition. The Florida Highway Patrol is conducting the investigation into the accident, and it is not yet known whether any criminal charges will be filed.

In the meantime, the families of the two deceased victims and the other injured parties retain the right to file civil actions against the driver of the pickup truck. If the evidence establishes that he was negligent and his actions caused or contributed to the death and injuries suffered in this crash, damages typically seen in other motor vehicle accidents could be awarded to the victims and/or their families. Any financial restitution awarded could help defray the financial losses incurred in the aftermath of the crash.

Source:, “City man dies in Florida crash“, Sept. 17, 2016

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