Loss of life is possible in serious motor vehicle accidents

Post on behalf of Thomas J. Ueberschaer PA on Friday November 18, 2016

Too many Florida residents are familiar with the fact that one mistake behind the wheel can lead to tragedy. Loss of life is always possible in serious motor vehicle accidents, and there seems to be no rhyme or reason to who lives and who dies. For those who are considered lucky enough to survive, serious injuries can have lifelong implications.

At approximately noon on a recent Saturday afternoon, two vehicles were headed in opposite directions on S.R. 300. At that time, one of the vehicles driven by a 70-year-old man inexplicably veered into the oncoming lane of traffic directly into the path of the other vehicle, which was operated by a 53-year-old woman. The resulting head-on collision was devastating.

The drivers of both vehicles suffered fatal injuries in the impact. The three passengers in the elderly man’s vehicle and the passenger in the woman’s vehicle all suffered injuries that were considered to be serious, and they were all transported to hospitals in the area. Their current conditions are not known. The accident occurred on the bridge into St. George Island, which was closed by the Florida Highway Patrol while they conducted their investigation into the accident.

The family of the deceased woman and the surviving passengers retain the right to file wrongful death and personal injury claims, as applicable, against the estate of the deceased driver. If the evidence establishes that his negligence caused or contributed to the serious or fatal injuries suffered, damages seen in other motor vehicle accidents could be awarded. Premature deaths and serious injuries are often accompanied by significant financial losses, and any restitution received could help offset those losses.

Source: mypanhandle.com, “Accident investigation closes major Franklin Co. bridge for hours“, Nov. 5, 2016

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