Motor vehicle accidents involving alcohol aren’t going away

Post on behalf of Thomas J. Ueberschaer PA on Thursday January 26, 2017

Press coverage, advocacy groups and law enforcement agencies continue to stress the dangers involved in getting behind the wheel after drinking. Unfortunately, many people still refuse to listen, and alcohol-related motor vehicle accidents continue to occur. Florida is no stranger to these types of accidents, and one of the latest took the life of an innocent man.

Reports from the Florida Highway Patrol indicate that a call came in shortly after 3 a.m. reporting an accident in the eastbound lanes of Interstate 4. Upon arrival, troopers and other emergency responders discovered three vehicles involved in the crash. The preliminary investigation revealed that a pickup truck was traveling the wrong way on the interstate when it slammed head-on into a second vehicle. Another eastbound vehicle then struck the second vehicle.

Fortunately, the occupants of the third vehicle suffered only minor injuries. The 32-year-old driver of the second vehicle, however, suffered fatal injuries in the impact. The wrong-way driver suffered only minor injuries and was suspected of being impaired at the time of the crash. He faces charges including DUI and DUI manslaughter, among others.

Meanwhile, a family received the news that one of its members is dead. It could take some time for surviving family members to realize the full impact of his death, including how it could affect them financially. They retain the right to file a wrongful death claim against any party or parties whose negligence caused or contributed to the death of their loved one. Successfully proving that his death was due to the actions of someone else could result in an award of damages to help defray the financial losses associated with deadly motor vehicle accidents.

Source:, “One Dead In Drunken Wrong Way Crash On Interstate 4“, Jan. 14, 2017

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