Weather might play a part in some motor vehicle accidents

Post on behalf of Thomas J. Ueberschaer PA on Thursday February 2, 2017

Here in Florida, residents are fortunate enough to rarely experience the snowy and icy road conditions of those elsewhere in the country. However, wet roads pose just as great a hazard. Inclement weather often plays a part in motor vehicle accidents, but that does not necessarily give a driver an excuse for causing serious injuries or deaths.

A tow truck driver could be held criminally and civilly responsible for three deaths that occurred in an accident on wet roads. Officials do not yet know whether road conditions caused or contributed to the crash. What is known is that the tow truck went off the road onto the shoulder.

When the driver attempted to get back onto the road, the vehicle slammed into a vehicle coming from the opposite direction. William H. “Bill” McCullough, his wife and son occupied that vehicle. The 61-year-old man attempted to win Florida’s 6th Congressional District seat from the Republican incumbent in the last election. He, his 56-year-old wife and 31-year-old son all perished in the accident. The tow truck driver survived with serious injuries and was taken to Ocala Regional Medical Center.

Whether he faces criminal charges does not influence the right of surviving family members to file wrongful death claims against the driver and any other parties who might bear some legal liability. Establishing that the negligent acts of the driver caused or contributed to the deaths of their loved ones could result in an award of damages often seen in fatal motor vehicle accidents. Such an award could provide the family with more than just restitution, such as some sense of closure and justice regarding their losses.

Source:, “FHP identifies three killed in crash on CR 326“, Andy Fillmore, Jan. 23, 2017

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