3 types of damages you could recover after a crash

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In the aftermath of a serious car accident, you likely have numerous thoughts on your mind pertaining to how the crash impacts your life. Some individuals may not fully realize just how big of an effect such an event can have, and you could see repercussions of the incident touch unexpected parts of your life. Unfortunately, these outcomes could leave you with difficulties you could not have predicted.

Though you may have understood that physical pain and recovery would prove inevitable due to your injuries, you may not have realized the financial toll the crash would take. Luckily, you do not have to struggle with these challenges on your own, as you have the option to pursue compensation for allowable damages.

Strictly monetary damages

One of the most common financial issues that can result from an injury-causing accident relates to medical costs. Serious injuries can often require extensive treatment, therapy and accessories needed to aid in your recovery. Expenses for treatment alone can quickly turn into an overwhelming amount, and those balances may only increase due to the need for crutches, slings, in-home care, or other related equipment and services.

Another issue that relates directly to monetary impacts is lost wages. In the event that your injuries require you to miss work, you may lose out on needed income. Luckily, you can use a legal claim in hopes of gaining reimbursement for those wages.

Pain and suffering

Though you may have expected to experience physical or mental distress in the aftermath of a car crash, you may not have known that you can seek compensation for that distress. Several factors go into consideration when determining potential recompense for pain and suffering, including type of injury, seriousness of distress and potential future pain. State law could also play a role when assessing this particular area.

Marital losses

In some cases, your injuries may even affect your relationship with your spouse. You may lose the ability to perform sexually or show affection in other ways. If this effect has occurred, your spouse may claim loss of consortium. However, if you do not attempt to gain compensation for damages, your spouse may not pursue compensation either.

Filing a claim

As with any legal process, you may face a variety of steps in order to successfully file and pursue your claim. Taking such action may not prove easy for you, but you do not have to take on such an endeavor alone. You may seek assistance from an experienced Florida attorney if you hope to gain a knowledgeable advocate.

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