The link between texting and motor vehicle accidents

Post on behalf of Thomas J. Ueberschaer PA on Tuesday June 27, 2017

As long as there have been automobiles, there have been distracted drivers. Unfortunately, distracted driving become a dangerous epidemic in Florida and across the country. The same technological advances designed to make our lives easier appear to be at the heart of the increase in motor vehicle accidents attributed to distracted driving.

The sheer number of people texting while driving is enough to make many others nervous to share the roads with them. At least one study found that a driver’s reaction time alone decreases to half of what it would be if the driver kept his or her attention on the road. Not being able to react quickly or even see an obstacle of any kind contributes to the rising number of these crashes.

Smartphones are capable of much more than just texting, however. Drivers often surf the internet, check emails and even play games while they drive. A driver may “glance” at his or her phone to check a sports score only to look back at the road to discover an impending collision. Some drivers even take photographs while driving. Any of these actions put everyone on the road at risk.

If a texting driver jeopardized your safety, you may be able to recover restitution for the income you lost during recovery, the medical bills incurred to heal your injuries and other damages typically seen in motor vehicle accidents. Establishing that your injuries resulted from the negligent actions of another could result in a Florida court ordering the entry of a monetary judgment in your favor. An attorney could provide invaluable assistance in gathering the appropriate evidence needed to do just that, which often increases your chances of a successful outcome.

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