Florida’s intersections are hot spots for motor vehicle accidents

Post on behalf of Thomas J. Ueberschaer PA on Wednesday August 23, 2017

Anyone who has ever seen or been involved in a crash at an intersection may pause for a brief second even if the light is green. This is because the intersections of Florida’s roadways are hot spots for motor vehicle accidents. Whether someone turns in front of another vehicle or runs a red light, the results can include severe or deadly injuries to unsuspecting motorists.

In one recent accident at an intersection, the result was the death of a 53-year-old Florida man. He had no way of knowing that another vehicle was heading toward the intersection he was in and that vehicle would not stop at the red light. Instead, the second vehicle flew into the intersection and struck the man’s vehicle, which flipped over and hit two more vehicles.

During the impact, the victim was thrown out of his SUV because he was not wearing his seat belt. He was taken to a hospital in the Pinellas Park area with critical injuries. Sadly, he succumbed to them at the hospital. No one else suffered more than minor injuries. At present, no criminal charges have been filed against the 22-year-old driver who failed to obey the traffic signal, but he may receive a traffic citation after the conclusion of the investigation.

That may not be good enough for the deceased driver’s family members, however. A wrongful death claim may be filed in civil court seeking restitution for the loss of their loved one. In litigation involving motor vehicle accidents, even if a victim is found partially liable for his or her own demise, surviving family members may still recover damages in a successfully litigated claim. However, any award will be reduced by the percentage of liability the court attributes to the deceased under Florida’s comparative negligence law.

Source: tampabay.com, “Police identify victim in fatal Pinellas Park crash“, Aug. 19, 2017

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