Crossing the centerline ends in fatal motor vehicle accident

Post on behalf of Thomas J. Ueberschaer PA on Tuesday December 19, 2017

Florida has many two-lane roads. Some of them even traverse the state’s beautiful coastline. The problem is that only a line painted between the two lanes keeps vehicles on the correct side of the road; that is, most of the time. Sadly, every year, a certain number of drivers stray over that centerline. In some circumstances, that action ends in a fatal motor vehicle accident.

This is what deputies in one Florida county say led to a head-on collision on a recent Saturday afternoon. It was around 12:45 p.m. as a southbound vehicle driven by a 70-year-old man drifted across the centerline for an unknown reason. Unfortunately, there was a vehicle already in the northbound lane at the time.

The two vehicles collided head-on. The wrong-way driver and the 25-year-old man driving the northbound vehicle both perished in the crash. An 8-year-old girl also occupied the second vehicle. She survived the crash, but with injuries that left her in critical condition at an area hospital. In this case, seat belts were not enough to save the lives of the two men or prevent the girl from suffering severe injuries.

The surviving family members of the man and girl in the second vehicle will not receive any justice from the criminal justice system. Nevertheless, they may seek justice and restitution in the state’s civil courts. Providing the appropriate evidence that the negligent actions of the older driver caused the devastation suffered in this motor vehicle accident could result in an award of damages to help with the financial losses and other damages incurred as a result.

Source:, “Two die in head-on crash on Gunn Highway in Odessa“, Dec. 16, 2017

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