Is an auto defect a threat to your safety?

Post on behalf of Thomas J. Ueberschaer PA on Saturday February 17, 2018

When you get in your car and drive, you likely do so with the expectation that you will be safe. However, there are certain dangers that could be a direct threat to your health and well-being, including hidden dangers inside your own vehicles. An auto defect is serious, and it could increase your chance of involvement in a serious car accident. 

In the event that an auto manufacturer learns of a safety-related defect in a specific vehicle, it could be a reason to initiate a recall. Defects are a significant issue, and consumers should receive a warning about a potential problem. Additionally, manufacturers should provide Florida consumers with the ability to fix problems or replace defective parts.

Types of safety defects that could cause you harm

According to the United States Code for Motor Vehicle Safety, a safety defect is an issue with a vehicle that could pose a risk to motorist safety and exists in some vehicles of the same make or model. Examples of this particular type of defect include the following: 

  • Potential for the components of the steering system to break down
  • Problems with the brakes
  • Issues with fuel system components
  • Wheels that can break or crack
  • Airbags that do not deploy or deploy at inappropriate times
  • Engines that do not cool properly

These are a few examples of the hidden problems in your vehicle that could cause you harm. Safety defects are a threat to the well-being of consumers, and manufacturers have the responsibility to notify retailers and drivers of a known issue as soon as possible.

If you believe that you did not receive warning of a problem or you experienced an injury in an accident that you believe was the result of a safety defect, you have rights. There could be certain parties liable for your suffering, and you may be entitled to financial compensation.

Victims of auto defects

If you are a victim of a safety defect in your vehicle, you have rights and options. You may find it beneficial to seek a complete evaluation of your case so that you can have a clear idea of the legal possibilities available to you.

When there are grounds to move forward with a civil claim over automotive safety defects, you do not have to walk through the process alone. It is possible to secure the compensation you deserve and cover any financial losses you experienced as a result of the defects.

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