Johnson & Johnson Hid Asbestos in Baby Powder from Regulators

Post on behalf of Thomas J. Ueberschaer PA on Thursday December 20, 2018

Any exposure to asbestos is potentially dangerous. Authorities around the world, including the World Health Organization, have established that there is no level of asbestos exposure that is safe for humans. For some, even the smallest amount of exposure can potentially trigger dangerous diseases, such as mesothelioma, later in life.

This imminent danger did not stop Johnson & Johnson (J&J) from knowingly producing and selling baby powder laced with asbestos. In fact, J&J went so far as to conceal that they knew their baby powder contained asbestos, lying to investigators and withholding lab results that would have revealed the truth.

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All of this is coming to light thanks to an investigation and new report from Reuters.

According to the report, “…the company’s raw talc and finished powders sometimes tested positive for small amounts of asbestos, and that company executives, mine managers, scientists, doctors and lawyers fretted over the problem and how to address it while failing to disclose it to regulators or the public.”

Despite mounting evidence to the contrary and increasing numbers of lawsuits against them, J&J continues to claim that plaintiffs’ attorneys are little more than opportunists who are trying to distract and mislead.

Juries have disagreed, however, awarding $4.69 billion in damages to 22 women in July of this year.

Pharmaceutical giants like Johnson and Johnson have histories checkered with instances of placing their profits ahead of patient and consumer safety. Over the years, this has taken the shape of defective device, product liability, failure to warn, and other kinds of litigation (see Hernia Mesh Lawsuit).

Manufacturers owe the individuals using their products or relying on their services a certain duty of care. When they ignore this responsibility or flagrantly disregard it, they must be held accountable for the damages they cause.

What should you do if you think you or a loved one have been injured by a faulty product?

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