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A prescription for compensation after medical malpractice

Doctors have a responsibility to provide to Florida patients care that meets a certain standard. Failing in this duty is more than a mistake; it can actually be harmful to patients, making medical conditions worse, and causing additional pain and suffering. 

Medical malpractice can cause serious harm to innocent patients, and if you are a victim, you do not have to suffer alone. If you believe that you had to undergo additional surgeries, stay in the hospital longer or suffer in other ways because of an error or mistake committed by your doctor, you may have the right to move forward with a civil claim.

How do you know if you are a victim?

Sometimes, medical malpractice victims are unsure of what happened or if they actually have a valid claim. You may have questions about what happened to you or be uncertain if you should seek legal help, but a medical error or negligence may be to blame for what happened to you if you experienced one of the following:

  • Misdiagnosis
  • Delayed diagnosis
  • Medication mistake
  • Post-operative negligent care
  • Surgical error
  • Anesthesia error
  • Infection
  • Misinformation about options and problems

Any of these could be the reason why you suffered longer and are now dealing with additional, costly medical bills. A doctor who was negligent or made a mistake may be liable for your pain and suffering, and you may have grounds to seek financial compensation through a civil claim.

Proving negligence

With most medical malpractice claims, the claimant must prove that he or she suffered needlessly because of negligent care. In order to do this, the civil claim must prove that the doctor or other type of health care provider did the following:

  • Failed to provide a certain standard of care
  • Failed in his or her duty to the patient
  • Caused injury either directly or indirectly

The civil claims process is complex, and proving negligence is not an easy task. It takes experience and a close knowledge of the law, and it is not a process that is easily navigated without the guidance of an experienced legal ally.

If you suffered because of negligent medical care or a medical mistake, you do not have to suffer alone any longer. There is something you can do about it, and the first step is to reach out for help to better understand the legal options that may be available to you.

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