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Motor Vehicle Accidents Archives

Far too many young lives are ended by motor vehicle accidents

Like other parents around the country, those here in Florida do what they can to keep their children safe. Even as they travel on the state's roadways, most are keenly aware that they hold their children's lives in their hands. The problem is that other drivers may not be as careful, and far too many young lives end in motor vehicle accidents.

The wreckage can say a lot about motor vehicle accidents

Many Florida residents drive by crash scenes and speculate what happened based on the wreckage. For instance, if passing motorists see a vehicle that appears to no longer have a trunk or back seat, they more than likely assume that it was struck in the rear. It may not necessarily be difficult to figure out how vehicles collided in some motor vehicle accidents, but the factors that led to them are often more elusive.

Wrong-way drivers often cause fatal motor vehicle accidents

Wrong-way drivers pose a serious threat to individuals traveling the roadways. They put themselves, their passengers and travelers in other vehicles at risk of being involved in motor vehicle accidents that could easily lead to serious injuries. Unfortunately, these accidents happen relatively often, and the outcomes have a tendency to be tragic.

Inexperience often leads to motor vehicle accidents

Florida parents watch their teenagers get drivers' licenses with a mixture of pride, joy and fear. Teens gain a sense of independence, but their inexperience behind the wheel can cause them to make mistakes that lead to motor vehicle accidents and injuries. Some of those injuries can be severe or even deadly.

Some motor vehicle accidents are not discovered until hours later

Most Florida residents would like to believe that their passing would be noticed right away. Unfortunately, for some who die in motor vehicle accidents, the scene of their deaths is not discovered until hours after the event. This can sometimes make determining exactly what happened problematic, especially if only one vehicle was involved and all of the occupants were deceased when police arrived.

Florida's intersections are hot spots for motor vehicle accidents

Anyone who has ever seen or been involved in a crash at an intersection may pause for a brief second even if the light is green. This is because the intersections of Florida's roadways are hot spots for motor vehicle accidents. Whether someone turns in front of another vehicle or runs a red light, the results can include severe or deadly injuries to unsuspecting motorists.

Many motor vehicle accidents involve multiple vehicles

Figuring out the order in which events occurred in some crashes could take Florida investigators a while. Sometimes, the vehicle that began the crash is not among the vehicles remaining at the scene. In those motor vehicle accidents, police may have to locate the vehicle and driver who may ultimately be responsible.

Not all motor vehicle accidents happen in cars, trucks or SUVs

Vespas, ATVs and golf carts also qualify when it comes to wrecks. People suffer serious injuries and even die in motor vehicle accidents involving these modes of transportation as well. Recently, a ride on a golf cart ended in the death of a woman and the arrest of a man in central Florida.

Roadside motor vehicle accidents can cause massive destruction

Breaking down on the interstate here in Florida -- or anywhere else for that matter -- used to be more of a hassle than it is today. Cell phones make it easier to get help if a driver is unable to handle the vehicle issue alone. In either case, sitting on the shoulder watching cars whiz by can be unnerving since many motor vehicle accidents occur while a vehicle is stranded on the side of the road, and the destruction caused by these crashes can be devastating to both persons and property.

Serious motor vehicle accidents can change your life

It only takes a few seconds for your life to change. Those few seconds could change your life for the better or for the worse. For instance, motor vehicle accidents have a tendency to alter victims' lives for the worse, especially if they suffer serious injuries. If you are one of those victims, you could experience significant changes in your life in the aftermath of a crash on one of Florida's roadways.

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