Mass Torts

Manufacturers of products that are distributed to the public and cause injuries should be held responsible and made to provide full compensation, including medical costs, lost wages, pain and suffering, to the people they injure. These cases, usually involving large numbers of people injured by a product, are known as mass tort / product liability litigations and can require substantial time and resources to pursue. You should contact an experienced lawyer if you or anyone you know may have been injured by a product.

Currently, our law office is handling investigations related to the following dangerous drugs and products:


Hernia Mesh

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Our firm is currently investigating claims related to: Abilify and Hernia Mesh.

Frequently Asked Questions about Mass Tort lawsuits.

What is a “mass tort”?

A mass tort is a litigation that stems from one source causing injury to many. This results in a large number of plaintiffs suing the same defendant for the same product or cause. Usually, mass tort cases can be categorized in two ways: pharmaceutical claims or consumer product claims.

It is up to the Court to determine whether a lawsuit is eligible for designation as a Mass Tort. In considering that designation, a court may consider many factors, including:

  1. the number of plaintiffs involved in the action, whether there are many or few;
  2. whether the plaintiffs’ injuries are similar;
  3. and whether they are likely the result of the same cause.

Are a mass tort and a class action different?

While a mass tort and a class action may seem related, they are different from one another. Plaintiffs in a mass tort action each has an individual claim and each plaintiff receives his or her own trial. In a class action lawsuit, plaintiffs are usually considered together, as a class of injured, instead of separately.

Are there advantages to taking part in a mass tort litigation?

As a plaintiff participating in a mass tort litigation, you benefit in many ways. One of the most common ways for a plaintiff to benefit from a mass tort litigation is by way of shared research, preparation and investigation. Often, work of this kind that is done for one client in a mass tort can be used to benefit another simultaneously.