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Will Florida man's family seek workers' compensation benefits?

Every occupation comes with its own set of risks regardless of whether done here in Florida or elsewhere in the country. Even knowing those risks and taking safety precautions does not always prevent fatal accidents from happening. Regardless, losing a loved one due to a work accident is devastating under any circumstances. The sudden financial losses that come with it are unexpected and can cause significant strain for a family. In many of these circumstances, surviving family members are entitled to benefits from Florida's workers' compensation system.

For example, a tragedy recently occurred in a fast food restaurant's parking lot. Witnesses heard a man screaming, but by the time they got to him, it was too late. The unidentified man -- who was estimated by police to be in his late 40s or early 50s  -- was a street sweeper. When something got hung up in the machine, he pulled over to take care of the problem.

Denied workers' compensation claim? It's not the end of the road.

There is nothing more frustrating to an injured Florida worker than to learn that his or her workers' compensation came back denied. A denied claim can mean that it will take longer to get the benefits to which you may have a rightful claim, but it is not the end of the road for you. 

You have the right to continue to fight for workers' compensation benefits, but it can be useful to first understand the reason for the denial before you move forward. With the help of an experienced workers' compensation attorney, you have the option to appeal and pursue the benefits you need for a full recovery. 

Pedestrians involved in motor vehicle accidents may not make it

Most of Florida's pedestrians know the risks of crossing busy streets even if they are at an intersection. However, many tend to discount that any danger exists as long as they are on sidewalks, at bus stops or otherwise not in the street. Unfortunately, many motor vehicle accidents end up involving pedestrians who thought they were standing or walking in a safe place.

For example, an out-of-control SUV recently careened into two women waiting a bus stop. Before the vehicle finally came to a stop after slamming into a pole, it hit other pedestrians who simply could not get out of the way fast enough. Witnesses reported that at least one other vehicle was involved that was moving just as erratically as the SUV. That vehicle and its driver failed to remain at the scene and have not been found as of the last report.

Families may seek more than just workers' compensation benefits

Losing a loved one due to an on-the-job accident is difficult enough, but when a family loses an income that they counted on and has to pay for funeral and burial expenses as well, the financial toll can make the loss even more of a burden to bear. Florida's workers' compensation system may provide death benefits to eligible surviving family members that could help with those financial burdens. Obtaining those benefits could be problematic without the right help.

For instance, the families of two paramedics who recently died in a motor vehicle crash are likely confronting a number of financial issues alongside their grief. Their loved ones were on their way back to their station after dropping off a patient at a local hospital. As they headed west in an ambulance, another vehicle attempted to make a U-turn directly into the path of the ambulance.

Defective parts cause numerous motor vehicle accidents

Everyone knows that automobiles are made up of numerous parts. Auto manufacturers make some, but others come from third party vendors. When you purchased your vehicle, you surely expected that every part worked properly and that it was safe. You might have found out the hard way that some parts can be defective, a problem which leads to numerous motor vehicle accidents each year.

In recent years, the news has been full of articles regarding recalls of hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of vehicles for a variety of defective auto parts. Most Florida residents are aware of the Takata airbag recall. However, other vehicle parts -- such as faulty ignition switches, brakes and seat belts -- have also led to recalls and/or serious injuries and deaths -- not just here in Florida, but across the country as well.

The victim's responsibilities in a personal injury claim

Rarely does a day go by here in Florida when someone is not injured due to some sort of accident. If an accident was the result of someone else's negligence, the victim may consider filing a personal injury claim to receive compensation for damages such as medical bills and lost wages. However, the victim has certain responsibilities when it comes to such claims.

The law requires the victim to take reasonable measures to lessen the damages the accident caused. The victim must act in good faith, use reasonable judgment and diligently exercise ordinary care in obtaining treatment for any injuries suffered. The failure to lessen, or mitigate, potential damages could cause a victim to lose the right to some or all restitution that may be received through the filing of a claim.

Whiplash: a serious injury with serious implications

Whiplash is one of the most common car accident injuries, and perhaps for this reason, many fail to understand the serious nature of this type of neck injury. While it is not a life-threatening injury, it can have serious implications for a car accident victim, causing pain and other issues for weeks, even months after the accident. 

If you received a diagnosis of whiplash after a car accident in Florida, you suffered a serious injury. You do not have to struggle with the painful aftermath alone, but may be eligible for financial compensation if the accident was the result of another person's negligent or reckless actions.

A prescription for compensation after medical malpractice

Doctors have a responsibility to provide to Florida patients care that meets a certain standard. Failing in this duty is more than a mistake; it can actually be harmful to patients, making medical conditions worse, and causing additional pain and suffering. 

Medical malpractice can cause serious harm to innocent patients, and if you are a victim, you do not have to suffer alone. If you believe that you had to undergo additional surgeries, stay in the hospital longer or suffer in other ways because of an error or mistake committed by your doctor, you may have the right to move forward with a civil claim.

Many motor vehicle accidents happen in early morning on weekends

The weekends are a time for Florida residents to kick back, relax and enjoy time with friends and family. In many cases, people are on the state's roadways in the early morning hours after a night of fun. This means that a potential exists for motor vehicle accidents when people are tired, impaired or otherwise not at their best as they drive.

No one yet knows what factors contributed to a recent accident on Interstate 75 at approximately 3 a.m. on a Saturday morning. Troopers with the Florida Highway Patrol are still investigating the crash that killed two people and injured three others. In fact, the FHP is asking witnesses to come forward with any information that might help in the investigation.

Suspected drunk driver arrested re 2 motor vehicle accidents

Five Florida students and a pregnant woman had no idea what was headed their way. On a recent Thursday evening, they encountered a man described by officials as a "highly" drunk driver. He was later arrested for causing two motor vehicle accidents. The driver -- who didn't even stop -- first plowed over five school-aged children. He and his vehicle were located some distance away after it had also struck the car occupied by the pregnant woman.

According to the news video regarding the tragedy, an off-duty police officer got to the man first and asked him if he knew what happened. He supposedly told the officer that he struck a car. He apparently had no idea that he struck the five children as well.

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