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Changing traffic patterns and motor vehicle accidents

Traffic patterns change all the time. Vehicles can be moving along smoothly on Florida's highways one minute, and the next they come to a dead stop. If drivers fail to remain vigilant and keep with the flow of traffic, motor vehicle accidents could be the result.

For example, Interstate 95 tends to be either moving along smoothly or stop-and-go. On a recent Thursday night at approximately 10:25 p.m., the traffic ahead of a semi truck heading southbound came to a stop. The truck managed to stop, along with the car behind it. Unfortunately, the 18-wheeler that came up behind the car failed to stop.

3 types of damages you could recover after a crash

In the aftermath of a serious car accident, you likely have numerous thoughts on your mind pertaining to how the crash impacts your life. Some individuals may not fully realize just how big of an effect such an event can have, and you could see repercussions of the incident touch unexpected parts of your life. Unfortunately, these outcomes could leave you with difficulties you could not have predicted.

Though you may have understood that physical pain and recovery would prove inevitable due to your injuries, you may not have realized the financial toll the crash would take. Luckily, you do not have to struggle with these challenges on your own, as you have the option to pursue compensation for allowable damages.

Adding insult to injury: The workers' compensation process

Nearly every industry in Florida has its share of hazards that must be navigated while at work. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration, along with the state, require your employer to take reasonable measures to keep you safe from workplace hazards. Even if your employer goes above and beyond those minimal measures, accidents still happen. If you suffered a serious injury while on the job, you will face navigating the workers' compensation system.

It can be stressful to attempt to recover from your injuries while dealing with your workers' compensation claim. The paperwork can be frustrating all on its own, but when you add requests from the insurance company, evaluations and consultations with doctors and administrative hearings, the process can become rather cumbersome -- and that is if everything goes according to plan. Other issues could come up along the way.

Even road shoulders aren't safe from motor vehicle accidents

Numerous Florida residents use the shoulders of the state's highways and turnpikes to pull out of traffic. Whether a vehicle breaks down or one of its occupants requires the stop, people often assume that the shoulder is a safe place to be since it does not lie directly in the lane of travel. Unfortunately, many motor vehicle accidents occur in this area, and lives are lost.

A pickup up truck pulling a trailer that was headed southbound on the Florida Turnpike pulled off onto the shoulder sometime before 8:50 a.m. on a recent Thursday. The 68-year-old man got out of the truck while his 64-year-old wife remained in it. He made it to the trailer before an out-of-control 18-wheeler careened off the turnpike and struck him and then a chain link fence off the roadway before coming to a rest. He died there at the scene due to the force of the impact.

Motor vehicle accidents aren't on vacation intineraries

After planning, packing and preparing, the last thing anyone wants is for a vacation to be ruined by a car crash. Sadly, far too many vacations end in motor vehicle accidents. Undoubtedly, a stay in the hospital with serious injuries was not on the itinerary.

This could be what one family vacationing in Florida thought. Shortly before 8 p.m. on a Sunday evening, a group of seven people was on their way back to their hotel after dinner. As they walked through a large swath of grass on the side of the roadway, a pickup truck heading in the opposite direction veered toward them and struck them.

Motor vehicle accidents involving children seem to expand grief

When it comes to children, Florida communities tend to mourn their loss a little more. To see a young life ended before it even has a chance to begin seems to make the grieving process worse. When those deaths occur suddenly such as in motor vehicle accidents, shock adds to the loss.

This is what one community is experiencing after the recent death of a 15-year-old boy. He was walking to school on a Thursday morning at approximately 6:34 a.m. It was then that the Florida Highway Patrol says a vehicle struck and killed him.

Your rare disorder may not exclude you from SSDI benefits

You may have expected to work right up to retirement, maybe longer. However, your recent diagnosis was a painful reality check, and now you are exploring every possible option for financial support. Your first thought was likely Social Security Disability Insurance, which will provide you with a monthly sum of money if you qualify. Because of the rareness of your condition, you are already sensing there will be trouble with your application for benefits.

Chain reaction motor vehicle accidents challenge investigators

Florida's interstates and highways always seem to be packed, especially during the daylight hours. The sheer number of vehicles on these roadways during many motor vehicle accidents makes it astonishing that the media does not report more pileups. Fortunately, chain reaction crashes do not seem to happen as often as two-vehicle accidents. Unfortunately, this makes them a challenge for investigators due to the large number of vehicles and victims involved.

Troopers with the Florida Highway Patrol spent hours investigating a seven-vehicle pileup on U.S. Highway 27 that started when one vehicle failed to stop for traffic. It slammed into the back of the car in front of it and set off a chain reaction crash that ultimately involved seven vehicles. Preliminary reports indicate that several people suffered injuries, and many of them were transported to area hospitals. One of those was the 32-year-old driver whose apparent negligence initiated the crash, who suffered serious injuries. 

Drivers need to stay aware to avoid motor vehicle accidents

Even driving on one of Florida's interstates does not guarantee that drivers will not have to stop or significantly slow down, depending on the traffic. In order to avoid motor vehicle accidents, drivers need to stay aware of the traffic patterns and the appearance of any obstacles. When they fail to remain diligent, serious injuries and/or deaths could occur.

A motorcycle rider was forced to stop for traffic on Interstate 4 at about 10:20 a.m. A second motorcycle rider failed to stop and slammed into the first one. Each rider had a passenger as well, and all four spilled onto the roadway. The first motorcyclist, a 71-year-old man, died in the crash. His 68-year-old wife survived, but suffered injuries, along with the driver and passenger from the second motorcycle who are both 75 years old.

Florida's highways see many fatal motor vehicle accidents

Each year, numerous people lose their lives on Florida's interstates, highways and byways. These fatal motor vehicle accidents not only take the lives of innocent victims, but also often change their families forever. Those responsible for these crashes often face criminal charges, along with civil actions from surviving family members.

It remains to be seen whether the families of three individuals killed in a recent multi-vehicle crash will exercise their rights in its aftermath. The accident took place around mile marker 177 of Interstate 75 on a Sunday morning. Three people died and two suffered injuries.

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