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Is an auto defect a threat to your safety?

When you get in your car and drive, you likely do so with the expectation that you will be safe. However, there are certain dangers that could be a direct threat to your health and well-being, including hidden dangers inside your own vehicles. An auto defect is serious, and it could increase your chance of involvement in a serious car accident. 

In the event that an auto manufacturer learns of a safety-related defect in a specific vehicle, it could be a reason to initiate a recall. Defects are a significant issue, and consumers should receive a warning about a potential problem. Additionally, manufacturers should provide Florida consumers with the ability to fix problems or replace defective parts.

Fatal accident is an example of the dangers of negligent driving

A recent multi-vehicle accident in the Tampa area left one young man dead. The deceased was a 33-year-old husband, father of two children and Navy veteran, and his wife suffered minor injuries in the crash as well. The other two drivers did not suffer any injuries. According to the wife's account, the couple was traveling home from vacation when they were the unfortunate victims of another driver's actions.

Law enforcement stated that alcohol did not play a role in this particular incident. However, there are charges pending, and it is reasonable to assume that the driver who caused the accident acted in a way that was negligent or reckless.

2 Florida teens dead after wrong-way auto accident

Florida certainly sees its share of motor vehicle crashes. Some of them involve drivers who somehow ended up traveling the wrong direction on one of the state's roadways. It appears that this was the case in a recent deadly auto accident that claimed the life of two teenagers.

Preliminary reports indicate that a 98-year-old man was driving an RV on a Florida road on a recent Tuesday night. Somehow, he did so in the wrong direction. Unfortunately, a vehicle occupied by two teenagers had no idea that the RV was headed right for them. The two vehicles collided.

Man may need workers' compensation help after serious arm injury

Many Florida residents may feel as if their jobs become so routine that they can almost do them without thinking. In many occupations, however, there may be no such thing as a routine day, as any unforeseen problem could result in a serious injury that requires one to file for workers' compensation benefits. Recently, one man discovered that what may have started as a minor inconvenience could endanger his life-long passion.

The 50-year-old man was operating his street-sweeping machine as he had been doing for the past 17 years. He noticed a commercial tire lying in the path ahead of his machine. As he approached slowly, preparing to stop to remove the item from the cleaner's path, his machine pulled the tire into its mechanism. The worker shut down the sweeper part of the machine, but the object was lodged in the gears.

Outcry Against Hernia Mesh Grows, Lawsuits Continue

Hernia mesh recipients continue coming forward and reporting injuries stemming from hernia repair surgeries in which hernia meshes were used. These patients alleged that the mesh device implanted in them to repair their hernia resulted in painful and debilitating injuries, resulting in costly revision surgeries to repair the damage and treatments to help mitigate the harm caused by the defective device.

Teenagers, speed and motor vehicle accidents

Most teenagers here in Florida and elsewhere are inexperienced drivers. This means that they probably do not have the skills to adequately control a vehicle under adverse conditions. They also tend to engage in dangerous behaviors behind the wheel such as speeding, which exponentially increases the possibility that they will be involved in motor vehicle accidents, some of which could be fatal.

For example, the Florida Highway Patrol reported that speed was a primary factor in a crash that occurred on a recent Friday evening just after 5:50 p.m. Two teenagers, the 16-year-old driver and the 17-year-old passenger occupied the vehicle. As the vehicle entered into a left-hand curve at a high rate of speed, the young boy driving failed to take the curve properly.

Too many motor vehicle accidents result from crossing the line

Many of Florida's roadways rely on double yellow lines to separate opposing lanes of travel. Motorists are required to remain on their side of the road unless in a passing zone. When vehicles veer or drift across that centerline, motor vehicle accidents often result, and some of them are deadly.

The Florida Highway Patrol says this happened in an accident on Highway 41 that happened near County Road 322 that took place on a recent Sunday. A southbound vehicle drifted into the opposing lane of travel for an as yet unknown reason. The driver of the northbound vehicle in its way was unable to avoid a head-on collision.

Some personal injury claims arise from outdoor slips and falls

Florida property owners, lessees and managers are required to take steps to ensure the safety of those they invite onto their property. If a hazardous condition exists that one of those individuals knows about, or should have known about, it should be repaired or otherwise made safe as efficiently and quickly as possible. One of the most common personal injury claims under these circumstances are slips and falls, but not all of those claims arise out of accidents indoors.

The duty to keep you reasonably safe starts in the parking lot. You could encounter any number of hazards once you step out of your vehicle. Florida may not get much in the way of dangerous winter weather such as snow and ice, but uneven pavement, potholes and other dangers could cause you to slip, trip and fall. If the lighting in the parking lot is inadequate, it would obviously be difficult to notice any hazards. The same may apply to any sidewalks you need to use in order to access the business.

Hernia Mesh Side Effects Are Leading to Lawsuits

It is a story that is sadly all too common. Someone suffers a common hernia; they lift something too heavy in the wrong way or something goes wrong. They go to see a doctor and they are told that a simple procedure needs to be performed to repair the hernia. This procedure will involve implanting a hernia mesh product to repair the hernia.

They decide that based on the information they are provided, they should have the surgery. They come out of their procedure and begin to go through their recovery process.

But something is not right.

New Year's Eve disaster could lead to personal injury claim

When it comes to New Year's Eve celebrations, many Florida residents consider fireworks and drunk drivers to be the source of the majority of catastrophes that could occur. As such, they take precautions not to allow these things to affect their festivities. However, there were other dangers that night that could eventually lead to the filing of at least one personal injury claim.

A group of teens was celebrating at a friend's house. As part of the festivities, they roasted marshmallows over a fire in the backyard. At some point, one teen (speculation continues regarding which one) put gasoline on the fire. This caused the canister it was in to explode.

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